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Session Schedule, Booking, and Fees

Eight Visits That Will Change Your Life!

Become a Coaching Neighbor by calling (304) 257-7055 today!

Initial Intake Session (1)

A 120-minute "Get Acquainted" and logistics visit.
$ 150

Purpose and Goal Setting (1)

A 90-minute visit to review and establish your goals as a Neighbor of Your Life Coaching WV.
$ 25

Reinforcement Chats (2)

Our 90-minute reinforcement chats are designed to review progress and address additional issues or concerns.
Neighbor's preference of face-to-face or via telephone!
$ 25

Action Plan (2)

These sessions are designed to strengthen the Neighbor's goal setting techniques and ideals for success!
$ 25

Exit Strategy (2)

These 90-minute sessions will shore up questions, further plan for success.
$ 25

Individual Hourly Rate

Additional visits may be scheduled at an hourly rate.
$ 25

Additional Family or Group Sessions

Billed hourly.
$ 100

Prepare/Enrich Facilitation & Assessment

An online assessment you and your partner take individually; then, your assessments are computer tallied, revealing strengths, areas for growth, and common ground.

Prepare/Enrich Online Assessment

The Prepare/Enrich assessment is designed to help couples see each other, and themselves, with fresh eyes.
$ 35 each

Assessment Review

As a couple or individually, delve into your assessment to develop goals and strategies in areas for growth.
$ 25 per hour

Prepare/Enrich Report Printout

A great tool for anyone desiring to enhance relationships.
$ 15 each

Speaking Engagements & Customized Training

Invite Coach Kelly to speak at your next meeting! See below for specialized topics of interest:


Because You Matter

Self-Care: "The Way I See It"

Worldview, Stress, ANTS, Love Language...and more...combine to develop and evolve our perspective.  This workshop presents thought-provoking notions on  the way we see life and others!

Time Management: "Just One No."

Discover how these two letters and a period can add more hours to your day. Learning how, and when, to say "No." without the guilt isn't so hard after all.

Beyond the Bully

"Facing Your Life's Nemesis"

This program is designed to:

  1. Encourage Victims
  2. Empower Bystanders
  3. Enlighten Aggressors
  4. Equip Communities


"The Way I Hear It"

Sometimes, hearing and listening, listening and perceiving, and perceiving and reality can become a jumbled mess. Learn the art of active listening and enhance your ability to hear what is being said!

Family & Marriage

"Faithfully Yours...And Theirs, Too..."

Juggling the circus of life - uncovering ways to manage them without losing yourself.

Stress Management

"What's On Your Plate?"

Effective ways to identify unnecessary stress while dealing with the rest.

Time & Personal Management

"Just One No."

Discover how these two letters and a period can add more hours to your day. Learning how and when to say "No." without the guilt isn't so hard after all.

Leadership 101: Effectively Blending Personalities

"Effectively Blending Personalities"

The Workplace: Where personality, communication, and leadership styles mix to accomplish a common purpose; also the place where this common purpose can get lost when styles do not blend.

Learn how to effectively blend styles and personal preferences to accomplish a common purpose.

Customized Workshop Facilitation

Enjoy a full day of fun and training - customized for your group or organization!
$ 500

Group Rates

Your Life Coaching, WV is all about community - ask about a reduced rate for your school or civic group!
$ 100

Customized Training Packets

Available upon request.
$ 15